Fuse Rocks the Garden

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Fuse Rocks the Garden is an hour-long concert series run by Fuse TV, which contains concert footage of a rock band playing at Madison Square Garden. It was started as of February 20, 2008, with a Foo Fighters concert. The series continued on June 20 with a concert by The Cure. The shows were released only a few hours after the actual concert took place.


The show is an hour long, starting at 11 PM. The first time the installment of the series is aired, it is commercial-free. However, after that, the show has commercials in between songs. Before the episode is aired for the first time, there will be a commercial for the commercial-free sponsor.

Artists featured[edit]

Foo Fighters

Fuse Rocks The Garden: Foo Fighters

The Cure

Fuse Rocks The Garden: The Cure