Fuse Teppō Musume no Torimonochō

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Fusé: Teppō Musume no Torimonochō (Fusé: Memoirs of the Hunter Girl)
Directed by Masayuki Miyaji
Screenplay by Ichiro Okouchi
Based on Fuse Gansaku: Satomi Hakkenden
by Kazuki Sakuraba
Starring Minako Kotobuki
Mamoru Miyano
Nana Mizuki
Keiji Fujiwara
Atsushi Abe
Kenji Hamada
Hideyuki Umezu
Rokuro Naya
Music by Michiru Oshima
Release date
  • October 20, 2012 (2012-10-20) (Japan)
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Fusé: Teppō Musume no Torimonochō (伏 鉄砲娘の捕物帳) is a 2012 Japanese animated film directed by Masayuki Miyaji based on Kazuki Sakuraba's book Fusé Gansaku: Satomi Hakkenden.[1][2] Both novel and film are an adaptation of Kyokutei Bakin's Nansō Satomi Hakkenden, focusing on a female hunter named Hamaji.


Hamaji is a strong and independent girl who lives alone in the mountains, surviving as a hunter just like her grandfather. One day she receives a letter from her brother Dousetsu who lives in Edo. Reaching the big city, she gets lost and ends up meeting Shino, a fuse. With her hunting skills she finds and kills a beautiful female fuse and she and her brother share in a huge reward. However she and Shino form a connection that enables him to escape from Edo and accept his situation.


A special Blu-ray and DVD set was released featuring cover art by graphic designer Wakamatsu Kaori. It also included a booklet and postcard set by the same designer.[3]


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