Kosovo Polje railway station

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Fushë Kosova
Kosovo Polje
Fushë Kosovë railway station.jpg
The station in July 2009
LocationFushë Kosova
Coordinates42°38′05″N 21°04′53″E / 42.6348°N 21.0815°E / 42.6348; 21.0815Coordinates: 42°38′05″N 21°04′53″E / 42.6348°N 21.0815°E / 42.6348; 21.0815

Fushë Kosova railway station (or Kosovo Polje railway station) is a station in the town of Fushë Kosova, Kosovo. It is the largest railway station in Kosovo and headquarters of Kosovo Railways.

The station is in Pristina District, but the city of Pristina is served by Pristina railway station.

In September 1999, after the Kosovo War, the Kosovo Train for Life arrived at Kosovo Polje station, carrying 400 tonnes of aid, having traveled all the away from the United Kingdom, through the Channel Tunnel, and via France, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia, hauled by a trio of British Rail Class 20 diesel locomotives.[1][2]


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