Fusina hydrogen power station

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Fusina hydrogen power station
LocationFusina, Veneto
Coordinates45°25′51″N 12°14′44″E / 45.4308°N 12.2456°E / 45.4308; 12.2456Coordinates: 45°25′51″N 12°14′44″E / 45.4308°N 12.2456°E / 45.4308; 12.2456
Construction began2008
Commission date2010
Construction cost€50 million
Thermal power station
Primary fuelHydrogen
Combined cycle?Yes
Power generation
Make and modelGE (Nuovo Pignone)
Nameplate capacity16 MW
Capacity factor42%

Fusina hydrogen power station is a hydrogen-fueled power station located in Fusina, near Venice in the Veneto region of Italy. It is the first commercial-scale power station in the world that is fueled with pure hydrogen. The power station is operated by Enel.[1]

The Fusina project was launched in 2004.[2] Construction of the power station started in April 2008 and it became operational in August 2009.[3] It was inaugurated on 12 July 2010. The plant is located adjacent to the Andrea Palladio Power Station. Fusina hydrogen power station has an installed capacity of 12 MW. An additional 4 MW could be generated in the Andrea Palladio Power Station through the reuse of steam produced by the hydrogen-fueled turbine. The power station is equipped by a General Electric combined-cycle gas engine.[1]

The hydrogen is provided from Versalis cracker, and the adjacent petrochemical facility of Porto Marghera.[1][3]

According to Fulvio Conti, CEO of Enel until May 2014, power produced at the Fusina hydrogen power station is 5–6 times more expensive than conventional electricity.[4]


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