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Full name Futebol Clube Talho
Ground Talho and
Estádio João de Deus Lopes da Silva, Ribeira Brava, São Nicolau
Cape Verde
League São Nicolau Island League
2016–17 8th

Futebol Clube Talho (Capeverdean Crioulo, ALUPEC or ALUPEK: Futibol Klubi Tadju, São Vicente Crioulo: Futebol Klube Talh') is a football club that had played in the Premier division and plays in the São Nicolau Island League in Cape Verde. It is based in the village of Talho on the island of São Nicolau next to the island capital of Ribeira Brava, it plays at Ribeira Brava's stadium. The team won their only title, the regional cup in 2010.

Its logo has a half semi-circular shield colored sky blue. The soccer ball is in the mid-bottom, the swan on top, the yellow label on the bottom with the acronym "FCT" colored in black, the corn stalk on the left (the chief production of the island) and the pine tree on the right.

Its uniform color has a white T-shirt and the rest of the clothing in dark blue.


Talho won their only cup title in 2010 and later headed to the 2010 Cape Verdean Cup and had no success there. Later, Talho lost the Super Cup title to Desportivo Ribeira Brava. In recently years, Talho greatly suffered, their last win was on March 3, 2013 where they defeated SC Atlético with a single goal, also the club finished last place for three season from 2014. The club scored 4 goals and had 3 points, they had 2 points in 2015 and conceded 55 goals. Their last draw was on March 29, 2015 with a goal each with Praia Branca. From there Talho started their 5 match losing streak for the season and had a 19 match losing streak at a championships. Talho lost one match on March 14 0-9 to Ultramarina which was their worst match in history. Talho suffered in 2016 as they had not a single point, the club scored only four goals and conceded 54, one less than last season. Talho had a 50 match winless streak and had become the longest of any Cape Verdean club and one of the longest of any club in West Africa. Overall, Talho suffered a 26 match losing streak at the regionals until 2016, their next win was at the 2016-17 Opening Tournament where the club made a draw with Preguiça in Round 3 on December 2, their winless streak ended when the club defeated AJAT'SN in Round 5 on December 13. Talho's 3+ years without a win finally came to an end along with their losing streak as they won a match 4-1 on January 14, 2017 in the regional championships and got first position at the first round. An eight match losing streak was followed and their positions dropped to third then seventh at the third round and worst last place from the 7th round onwards. Inbetween, Belo Horizonte defeated that club 4-1 which was the region's worst until February 11 when they lost to Atlético 5-1, the worst was picking up as it was the worst defeat until March 11 where they lost to Ultramarina 6-0. Talho's only draw was made with Belo Horizonte with a goal after. Two more losses Talho suffered, first to Académica then Atlético 7-0 and became the region's worst defeat of the season. On April 29, the club made a small win defeating Ribeira Brava 0-1. The final match of the season was a loss to Ultramarina. Talho finished 8th, but its results were slightly better than last season with 2 wins and 5 draws, they scored 10 goals, they conceded 45 goals which was the most in the region.




Estádio João de Deus Lopes da Silva, the second homefield of Talho

Talho has its own football (soccer) field which is its home field, the club practices there. Its matches are played at Estádio João de Deus Lopes da Silva with a capacity of once served up to 1,000. Other clubs playing at the stadium are SC Atlético and Desportivo Ribeira Brava. Another club playing at the stadium but not based are Académica da Preguiça from the south of the island and Belo Horizonte from the east.

League and cup history[edit]

Season Div. Pos. Pl. W D L GS GA GD P Cup Opening Notes
2013–14 2 8 14 0 3 11 4 40 -36 3
2014–15 2 8 13 0 2 12 6 55 -49 2 First Round 8th place
2015–16[1] 2 8 14 0 0 14 4 54 -60 0 First Round 4th place - Group A
2016–17 2 8 14 2 5 7 10 45 -35 11 First Round 7th place


  • Best position at cup competitions: First Stage (national)
  • Appearances in a cup competition:
    • National: 1
    • Regional: 15
  • Appearances in a regional Super Cup competition: Once, in 2010
  • Worst season:
    • Championships: 2016 (neither wins nor draws, all losses)
    • Opening Tournament: 2015 (three matches, all losses)


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