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Founded 1989
Country of origin United Arab Emirites
Headquarters location Dubai
Publication types Trading cards
Official website http://www.futera.com/

Futera is a trading card publisher founded in 1989. It is a privately owned company, its main markets being Asia, Europe, Australasia, US, with commercial and operational bases located in SE Asia, print and distribution facilities in UK/Europe and Asia-wide, and its headquarters in Dubai.


Futera's Football/Soccer Licences include English Premier League Clubs Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester City. Futera has also held Trading Card Licences with Manchester United, Chelsea, Leeds, Aston Villa, West Ham and Scottish Premier League club Celtic plus Newcastle , Derby County and Middlesbrough. In addition to Trading Cards, Futera held licences for stickers and phonecards with some Clubs, and in 2000 Futera created a licensed Confectionery line called 'Total Football' combining Futera's football cards from 10 English Premier League and Championship Football Clubs with Chupa Chups lollipops.

Other Futera Sports Licences have included Australian Cricket Board, Formula 1, Australian Basketball Association, Australian Rugby Union, Australian Baseball League, The World Surfing Federation, Tour de France, Scandinavian National Team Handball, and other titles including Boxing and Horseracing.

Futera's non-Sports Licences have spanned Mattel's "Barbie", BBC Television Sci-fi Series "Red Dwarf" in association with Grant Naylor Film Productions, and the feature film "Chicken Run" with Universal Studios, Aardman Animations & Pathé.


Futera's history of 'world firsts' for the trading card industry[edit]

Futera has created several 'world firsts' for the Trading Card Hobby including the following:-

- Futera created 'Code for Collectors' - a code printed on the back of Futera cards which the collector can enter online to get information about their card's features and rarity, such as details about the game jersey featured on their Memorabilia Card; the date and location that their Autograph Card was signed by the player; how many cards of that type were actually released; what materials/special finishing processes were used; behind the scenes photographs/videos of the card and materials; and which provides a security feature for the card.

- Futera created a 'Memorabilia Colour Grading' service for collectors to go online and check charts plotting how rare their Memorabilia cards are.

- Futera created individual numbering on Insert cards to help collectors understand how many cards had been released by the publisher and therefore how rare their card is;

- Futera created the world's first '1 of 1' trading card, meaning that only one of its type or design was produced and exists worldwide - the term '1 of 1' has since been adopted by the industry.

- Futera created the first virtual Memorabilia football (soccer) cards

- Futera created the world's first professional Football Team to be managed by fans online from their computers ('Futera FC') by turning its online football/soccer card game into reality.

Memorabilia, porcelain, gold plated and diamond insert cards[edit]

Futera collections include "insert" or special cards, some featuring pieces of player jersey and celebrity autographs. In the creation of Futera's cricket "Heritage Collection", an autograph for every living Test Cricketer for Australia had to be obtained, and it took several years to complete. The Cricketing Legend "Don Bradman" acted as a figurehead in the project and helped put the collection together. Futera's "Grand Prix" collections have included Michael Schumacher’s race worn overalls and pieces of Ayrton Senna’s car tyre.

24ct gold, silver and platinum plated cards, as well as Porcelain cards and cards studded with diamonds were introduced by Futera from the early 2000s. Futera cards normally feature bios or interesting facts about the subject together with statistics and often show photographs of the subject on both front and back of their cards, sometimes several photographs on one card.

Futera football (soccer) cards – highest values worldwide[edit]

Futera branded cards have historically fetched the highest trading values for football (soccer) cards in the world. Single cards having sold on eBay for as much as US$8,500; and a virtual (digital) Futera 'FWF Online' card (Futera code only, no printed card exists) sold for US$485.90 (August 2012).

For the twelve-month period up to June 2013 Futera averaged over 20,000 active listings on online auction sites at any one time. An average 74% of the top 100 highest valued football (soccer) cards produced by current soccer card Publishers listed on eBay.com were Futera cards (completed single card sales).

Futera generally release two types of soccer Collections: A high-end Limited Edition 'Futera UNIQUE' Collection limited to between 10-200 cases worldwide, featuring quality cards with precious stones and hand-crafted cards, and its Futera World Football Card Collections (physical and digital releases) which also feature special inserts including 24ct gold plated autographed cards and player game jersey cards. Selected cards from both collections can be used in the online game FWF Online and traded on the eFutera live card trading market. From 2015, Limited Edition 'Futera UNIQUE' Premium Card Collections have been released for English Premier League Clubs Arsenal FC and Manchester City FC, and from 2016 Liverpool FC.

Futera Football Cards Virtual Sports Card Collection[edit]

In 2008 Futera took an innovative step by taking the traditional Football Card "online" and "interactive" with the launch of "Futera World Football Online", known as FWF Online, combining management skills with the hobby of trading printed and virtual cards to play in live tournaments online with other players around the world or with friends. Futera wanted to make the game accessible to everyone, and made it free to register with a free Starter Pack of virtual cards to open. Cards download into a virtual online album. By 2009 millions of games had been played by card collectors and gamers from over 100 countries.

Following Futera World Football Online football pack releases Series 1 and Series 2 where printed cards combined with virtual cards in an online interactive experience, Futera released FWF Online Series 3 as a totally Virtual (digital card) Football Card Collection with packs bought online for 49 cents (US$) for 10 virtual football cards.

Although packs in Series 3 were virtual, Futera retained its special Insert card features including actual 24ct gold plated Futera '1 of 1' Autograph Cards and cards with diamonds plus prize items to hunt for which, if they are found in a virtual pack, were claimed by redemption and posted to the customer.

In October 2013 Futera released FWF Online Series 4 as a Virtual Football Card Collection, and in November 2013 FWF Online was launched on iPAD, continuing with further Series on a non-supported basis to provide a fun activity for collectors and soccer fans.

Promotional partners[edit]

Brands including Exxon-Mobil, General Mills (GM Foods), 7-Eleven, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Carrefour, Unilever, Pokka, Maxis Telecom, Guinness Anchor, Etisalat have chosen Futera collectibles as premiums. In 2014/2015 Exxon Mobil ran a National promotion through Esso gas stations across Hong Kong and Thailand, and General Mills (GM Foods) distributed up to 100 million Futera soccer cards inside packs of 'Bugles' snacks throughout China.

'Futera FC' - the world's first Football Team to be managed LIVE by fans from their computers (established 2009)[edit]

Futera made football history by turning its football card game 'FWF Online' into reality through their unique football management method 'Futera FC' where a Team can be managed by fans from their computers LIVE as the game plays out on the pitch.

Through an interactive platform broadcasting LIVE streaming of the game, fans from their computers vote live on tactics such as formation, playing style, what substitutes to bring on, etc. and those decisions are relayed to the Coach on the sidelines to communicate to the players on the pitch.

Futera FC Pundits chat with the 'Virtual Manager' fans live online during games and have included Scott Ollerenshaw, ASTRO TV Sports Pundit featuring on the Four Four Two programme, former Socceroos Australian International and twice winner of the Malaysian Golden Boot Award, Brad Maloney, former Australian International and Malaysian National Team Assistant Coach, Malaysian Goalkeeper Syed Adney, and footballing brothers Martin Sinclair (London Paralympics 2012) and Scott Sinclair of Manchester City (Team GB London Olympics 2012).

In 2009 Futera FC was formed as a real Football Team playing in a real League (London, UK) and which ran as a trial project over 3 seasons

In 2012, Futera FC entered the Professional Football arena in Asia competing in a SE Asian League where it reached 4th position.

eFUTERA - live Online Card Trading Market (2013)[edit]

Futera launched a free live online card trading market called 'eFutera' where collectors around the world can buy, sell and swap their Futera cards.

PSW Futera Football Academy (est. 2013)[edit]

PSW Futera Football Academy is host to over 300 children aged 6–16 years and is one of the largest academies in Thailand and in SE Asia.

Led by former Thailand International Pisal 'Den' Rumrai, the Academy has 13 students playing at International level. The Academy's programme includes award of educational and training scholarships and providing opportunities for underprivileged children. Students can gain basic maths, language and computer skills learning through Futera trading cards and the FWF Online game trialling in schools in Singapore and Thailand.

Virtual Memorabilia Cards (2013)[edit]

Futera introduced another 1st for the trading card Hobby with its 5-star Memostars Moments and Club & Country Virtual Card sets featuring legendary players with their game memorabilia from a special moment in their footballing history. The Memostars virtual cards feature one, two or three patches of memorabilia from jersey, boots and ball from the historic game featured on the card, are individually numbered, and state the rarity of the card.

'Code for Collectors' service - card features and rarity (launched 2014)[edit]

Collectors can go online and enter the code from the back of their Futera cards to get details about their cards' features, history and rarity such as the card’s materials and finishing processes, how many cards were released, photos from behind the scenes, with certified on-card autograph card details giving the date and place where the player signed, and memorabilia card details including info like what game/date/season the card’s memorabilia is from, and photos and videos from the jerseys and memorabilia and making the cards. Futera first introduced this service in 2014 through its Futera Unique 2014 World Football Card Collection and which continues ongoing. [1]

'Memorabilia Colour Grading' service - free online service for collectors[edit]

Memorabilia Colour Grading is a free service where collectors can go online to check how rare and how potentially valuable their cards are according to the number of colours, the rarity of the colours and combinations, and how rare that card is compared to others. The memorabilia cards are individually numbered and have a unique security code. The code also lets collectors access other data about their card. Futera have been producing Memorabilia Colour Grading charts for collectors since 2006.[2]


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