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Futian Checkpoint

Shenzhen Metro
Shenzhen Metro Futiankouan Station Platform.jpg
LocationFutian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
Coordinates22°31′06″N 114°03′54″E / 22.5182°N 114.0650°E / 22.5182; 114.0650Coordinates: 22°31′06″N 114°03′54″E / 22.5182°N 114.0650°E / 22.5182; 114.0650
Operated byMTR Corporation (Shenzhen)
Line(s)     Line 4
Platforms4 (1 island platform and 2 side platforms)
Structure typeUnderground
Opened28 June 2007
Previous namesFutiankouan
Preceding station Shenzhen Metro Following station
towards Qinghu
Line 4 Terminus
Across mainland China–Hong Kong boundary
Preceding station MTR MTR Following station
Sheung Shui
towards Hung Hom
East Rail line
transfer at Lok Ma Chau
Route map
Futian Checkpoint Station
Original calligraphy showing Chinese characters of "Huanggang" in the station platform

Futian Checkpoint station (Chinese: 福田口岸站; pinyin: Fútián Kǒu'àn zhàn; Jyutping: fuk1 tin4 hau2 on6 zaam6) is a terminus of Line 4 of the Shenzhen Metro. It opened on 28 June 2007. It is located at the ground level of Futian Port Control Point in Futian District, Shenzhen, People's Republic of China, and it is the only ground station in Shenzhen Metro. Futian Port Control Point and Futian Checkpoint Station are connected to Hong Kong's Lok Ma Chau station by a footbridge.[1][2]

The station was called Huanggang (皇岗; Huánggǎng; wong4 gong1) because of its location near Huanggang, which is also an immigration control point between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. It was renamed to Futiankouan on 15 August 2008 to avoid confusion between Futian Port and Huanggang Port.[3][4] "Kouan" (口岸) means a (immigration) port. Starting from 1 July 2010, with MTR Corporation (Shenzhen) taking over the operations and management of Line 4, the English name Futian Checkpoint is now used. A station called Huanggang Checkpoint opened at Huanggang Port in 2016.

Station layout[edit]

There are a total of 4 levels in Futian Checkpoint station. The 2nd and 3rd levels (above ground) are immigration facilities (being the arrivals hall and departures hall respectively), while the 1st level is the station concourse. The 2 side platforms and an island platform is located on the lowest level (ground floor), but only one island platform and 1 side platform is used in daily operations. Among them, the side platform serves as the unloading platform for trains arriving at the station, while the other island platform is used as the boarding platform for trains departing the station. This method is called the Spanish solution.

3F Futian Port Control Point Departures Hall, Footbridge to Lok Ma Chau Spur Line Control Point
2F Futian Port Control Point Arrivals Hall, Footbridge exit (for entering mainland only), Customer Service Centre
Lobby Concourse, TVMs
Side platform, doors will open on the left for alighting passengers only
Platform 1 ↑
Platform 2 ↓
     Line 4 towards Qinghu (Fumin)
Island platform, doors will open on the left/right for boarding passengers only
Platform 3 ↑
Platform 4 ↓
     Line 4 towards Qinghu (Fumin)
Island platform, doors will open on the right for alighting passengers only


The station has 2 exits. In addition, the station is located in the Futian Port Control Point building, and passengers may proceed to MTR Lok Ma Chau station in Hong Kong after undergoing immigration procedures.

Exit Destination
Exit A Yuheng Road, Shenzhen Fuqiang Police Station, Futian Checkpoint East Square, Futian Checkpoint Underground Park, Futian Checkpoint Commercial Square, Tianze Garden, Eureka, Yuheng Garden, Yunong Village, The Gateway, The Bay Tower
Exit B Guihua Road, Futian Free Trade Zone Customs House, Futian Checkpoint West Square

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