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Futile (Porcupine Tree).jpg
EP by Porcupine Tree
Released July 2003
Genre Progressive rock, progressive metal
Length 48:25 (Promotional edition)
31:31 (Download edition)
Label Lava Records

Porcupine Tree

Label = Delerium
Porcupine Tree chronology
Stars Die: The Delerium Years 1991-1997

Futile is a promotional EP by British progressive rock band Porcupine Tree, released in July 2003 through Lava Records. It was first released during Porcupine Tree's North American tour with Opeth, of July and August 2003.[1]

Additionally, the album was later released digitally as well, with an alternate track listing.[2] This version is a digital EP of tracks recorded during the In Absentia era.

Song background[edit]

"Strip the Soul (edit)" is a shortened version of the song of the same name from In Absentia. The short piece "Collapse" was originally intended to open the In Absentia album.[3] "Orchidia" had been previously released in the 7" vinyl edition of the Four Chords That Made a Million single as a demo, this is instead a 2003 version with proper mastering and mixing. "Futile" was previously available on the DVD-A version of In Absentia. "Drown With Me" was a bonus track of the European edition of the album.

"Interview with Steven Wilson" is an interview done with Joe Del Tufo in May 2003. "Hatesong (live)" was recorded in Philadelphia on 26 July 2002. "Blackest Eyes (live)" was performed live on XM Radio.

"Death Whispered a Lullaby" isn't a Porcupine Tree song, but rather, is taken from Opeth's Damnation album. It was co-written and produced by Steven Wilson.

Track list[edit]

Original version[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Strip the Soul" (Edit) Steven Wilson Colin Edwin/Steven Wilson 4:30
2. "Orchidia"   Wilson 3:27
3. "Futile" Steven Wilson Gavin Harrison, Steven Wilson 6:06
4. "Drown with Me" Steven Wilson Steven Wilson 5:24
5. "Interview with Steven Wilson"   Steven Wilson 11:14
6. "Hatesong" (Live)   Colin Edwin, Steven Wilson 8:40
7. "Blackest Eyes" (Live at XM Radio) Steven Wilson Steven Wilson 4:26
8. "Death Whispered a Lullaby" (Opeth Song) Steven Wilson Mikael Åkerfeldt 5:49
9. "Generic Station ID"   Steven Wilson 0:09

^† Grand piano, Mellotron, Fender Rhodes and backing vocals in "Death Whispered a Lullaby" were performed by Steven Wilson.

Download version[edit]

  1. "Collapse" – 1:39
  2. "Drown with Me" – 5:22
  3. "Orchidia" – 3:19
  4. "Futile" – 6:04
  5. "Hatesong" (live) – 8:32
  6. "Chloroform" – 7:15


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