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FutureSource Logo Wikipedia.jpg
Industry Internet
Founded 1997
Headquarters Hayward, CA
Products Market Quotes and Web Portal
Website www.FutureSource.com

FutureSource.com is a website that provides financial data for futures, energy and foreign exchange traders with free futures commodity quotes, charts and news.


Founded in the summer of 1997, FutureSource.com was an information and analysis provider for the metals markets, providing users with real-time quotes and news displays to charting, technical analysis and options analysis and simulation.[1]

In the fall of 1998, FutureSource/Bridge, L.L.C. revamped the website with a new design and features, which included new charting functionality, market-specific content, a “Trader’s Tools” section, an expanded education section and additional analysis from many in the industry. The changes led to an increase in the website’s traffic of monthly impressions of 2.5 million in August 1998 to 3.5 million impressions in December 1998. In the 4th quarter of 1998, an independent audit by BPA International showed FutureSource.com with a total of 10,251,984 page impressions.[2]

As of September 1, 2004, Interactive Data Corporation, a provider of global financial market data and analytic tools to institutional investors, active traders and individual investors, acquired the assets of FutureSource, LLC and its subsidiaries for $18 million in cash.[3]

As of Spring 2010, FutureSource.com has been redesigned and includes expanded Quotes, Charts and News sections, educational content on the “ins” and “outs” of the commodities and Forex markets and customizable workspaces.

The assets of FutureSource.com, the portal website, were sold on June 30, 2011, to BlueWave Advisors, LLC. BlueWave purchased just the assets of FutureSource.com, which have been moved to another location. Interactive Data no longer runs this site.


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