Future Force (film)

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Future Force
Future force david carradine david a prior.jpg
Directed by David A. Prior
Produced by Kimberley Casey
David Winters
Written by David A. Prior
Starring David Carradine
Anna Rapagna
Music by Mark Mancina
Steve McClintock
Cinematography Andrew Parke
Edited by Paul O'Bryan
Release date
  • 1989 (1989)
Country United States
Language English

Future Force is a 1989 science-fiction film written and directed by David A. Prior and starring David Carradine. A 1990 sequel to the film was made called Future Zone.[1][2]


John Tucker (David Carradine), a bounty hunter, must protect a woman reporter from a gang of renegade cops. The bounty organization is called "C.O.P.S", and they turn against him as well.


  • David Carradine as Tucker
  • Robert Tessier as Becker
  • Anna Rapagna as Marion
  • William Zipp as Adams
  • Patrick Culliton as Grimes
  • Dawn Wildsmith as Roxanne
  • D.C. Douglas as Billy
  • Kimberley Casey as Alicia
  • August Winters as Johnson


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