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Future Gamer was an online computer and video games e-zine created by Future Publishing.


Future Gamer was launched in 1998 with Andy Smith as editor. FG as it became known to fans, was the world's first e-mail deliverable gaming magazine. (Brief History. Retrieved Feb. 9th 2006.)

This business model was unsuccessful. FG ran for about 18 months before finally being reshaped into the UK version of Daily Radar, later gamesradar.com. (Campbell, Stuart (April, 2000). CTW: The Entertainment Computer Trade Weekly.)


Amongst others:

  • Andy Smith (Editor)
  • Steve Bradley (Deputy Editor)
  • Andy Ashwin
  • Mark Eveleigh
  • Alan Jarvie
  • Amazing Bryan


FG spawned a close online community through its newsgroup. This included a Half Life clan ([FGC]_) that was featured in a subsequent advertising campaign.

Despite community pressure, on May 23, 2001 at 00:00 Future Publishing shut down their News Server in favour of Internet forums. This, along with the demise of the original magazine, led to the FG community seeking out a new home. It has endured to this day through a variety of newsgroups, and is currently situated at vgj.forum on nntp.cheeseorsausage.com and at cheese or sausage.

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