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Future Shorts is a short film label based in London. It was founded in 2003.[1] It organizes a monthly short film festival, Future Shorts ONE, that screens short films by filmmakers from all over the world.[2]

The Guardian Guide referred to Future Shorts as "an association that sifts through the world of short film every month so you don't have to"[3] in an article about their participation in the Short Film Weekend of London in 2004. Their program at the festival included films by Chris Morris, Lynne Ramsay, Mike Leigh,[3] as well as Run Wrake.[4] According to Screen Daily, Future Shorts "offers a platform for film-makers in 25 countries."[1]

Future Shorts launched a DVD distribution division in May 2007.[5] In September 2007, it launched a web TV service in partnership with Joost.[1]


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