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Future house is a house music genre that emerged in the 2010s United Kingdom, described as a fusion of deep house[3], UK garage[4][5] and incorporating other elements and techniques of other EDM genres.[6]


The word was coined by French DJ Tchami. In an interview, he says that he tagged his tracks “Future House” on SoundCloud "as a defiant joke. It has never been about to launch a new genre. I guess people loved it and made it a new genre. That’s the beauty of internet. Future House basically means every tunes that push forward [the] House genre. Whatever it is. It’s open."[7]

The genre has been credited as being pioneered by Oliver Heldens.[8]


Future house is a subgenre of house music. Songs within the genre are normally characterized by a muted melody with a metallic, elastic-sounding[9] drop and frequency-modulated basslines. The most common tempo is around 125 BPM, but it can vary around the 120-130 mark.[10]


Heldens' international chart successes "Gecko (Overdrive)" and "Last All Night (Koala)" brought the genre to wider mainstream recognition in 2014, leading to minor feuds between him and Tchami on social media.[11] Artists such as Don Diablo, Mike Williams, Mesto, Brooks and Curbi have since incorporated the sound into their work, leading some commentators to observe the commercialisation of the style.[10]

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