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"In 2025, a revolutionary sport is the only way to stop a revolution."
Directed by Ernest Dickerson
Produced by David Roessell
Written by Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Steve De Jarnatt
Starring Dean Cain
Vanessa Williams
Wesley Snipes
Music by Stewart Copeland
Distributed by Columbia/TriStar
Release dates
  • October 1998 (1998-10)
Running time
87 minutes
Country United States
Budget $9 million

Futuresport is a made-for-TV movie directed by Ernest Dickerson, starring Dean Cain, Vanessa Williams, and Wesley Snipes. It originally aired on ABC in October 1998, and released on VHS and DVD in March 1999.

The movie is set in 2025, and centers on a sport called "Futuresport" (a combination of basketball, baseball and hockey that uses hoverboards and rollerblades that have existed for ten years) created as a non-lethal way to reduce gang warfare. Tre (Dean Cain) must save the world from Hawaiian Liberation Organization terrorists by winning in the game of futuresport.

Portions of the movie were filmed in the Vancouver Public Library. Futuresport had a budget of $9 million, which was relatively high for a TV movie at the time.

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