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Coordinates: 25°5′13.15″N 121°31′41.63″E / 25.0869861°N 121.5282306°E / 25.0869861; 121.5282306

Fuxing Broadcasting Station
Type Radio network
Branding Voice of Revival
Country Taiwan Taiwan
Availability National, through regional substations.
Owner Ministry of National Defense
Launch date
Official website
Fuxing Radio

Fuxing Broadcasting Station (Chinese: 復興廣播電台; pinyin: fùxìng guǎngbō diàntái) is a radio station located on the campus of Ming Chuan University in Taipei, Taiwan and is operated by the Ministry of National Defense. Its website is currently blocked in the People's Republic of China.

History and overview[edit]

Fuxing Radio was founded on August 1, 1956 with units in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung. The station currently operates two radio networks. The first network acts as a "cross-strait" information service for domestic audiences. The second network and a shortwave network provides mainland Chinese audiences with propaganda about Taiwan and the Republic of China.[1]



  • AM558, 909 kHz, the second radio network: AM594, 1089 kHz


  • FM107.8 MHz second radio network: AM594, 1089 kHz


  • AM594 kHz, the second radio network: AM846 kHz

Mainland China[edit]

  • HF Net: 9410, 9774, 15375 kHz

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