Fuzhou No.1 Middle School

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Fuzhou No. 1 High School
Fuzhou, Fujian, 350011
People's Republic of China
School type Public
Established 1817
President Li Xun
Grades 3
Gender mix
Age 15 to 18
Enrollment 2100
Classes 48
Average class size 50
Language Mandarin
Classrooms 48
Campus type urban
Houses 5 school houses
Newspaper Tuo Feng

Fuzhou No. 1 High School(Chinese: 福州市第一中学)is a high school in Fuzhou, Fujian, China. It was established in 1817, during the Qing Dynasty, with the name of Fengchi Academies. Throughout its history, the school has been called Quanmin Xuetang, High School of Fujian, and No. 1 High School of Fujian. It is the hardest high school to get into in the Fujian Province, also in the entire Southeast China due to its high requirement on the high school entrance exam test score.


Notable student organizations[edit]

  • Japanese Language Circle: The first circle founded by students since the school moved to the current campus.
  • Muyan Drama Club: The club with the longest history in the school.
  • San Mu Choir: The mixed voice choir founded in 2008 won the Silver Diploma-Level VIII in the 6th World Choir Games in 2010.
  • Chemistry Club(FICC): A club founded in October 2013, aiming to provide the students who love chemistry a platform to study and exchange ideas together, to develop their scientific spirit of rigorous thought and ability of experimental inquiry, and to strengthen their interest in chemistry. It also helps its tmembers in Chemistry Olympia.
  • Fuzhou NO.1 High School Model United Nation Organization(FIMUN): One of he most famous model united nation organizations in Fujian Province. It hosts the Zhengyi MUN and FIMUN every year.

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