Fyn Power Station

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Fyn Power Station
Fyn Power Station
Location of Fyn Power Station in Denmark
Coordinates55°25′47.3″N 10°24′39.6″E / 55.429806°N 10.411000°E / 55.429806; 10.411000Coordinates: 55°25′47.3″N 10°24′39.6″E / 55.429806°N 10.411000°E / 55.429806; 10.411000
Commission date1953
Thermal power station
Primary fuelCoal
Secondary fuelMunicipal waste
Tertiary fuelBiomass (straw)
Power generation
Nameplate capacity656 MW
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The Fyn Power Station (Danish: Fynsværket) is a coal, straw and municipal waste-fired power station operated by Vattenfall in Odense, Denmark. It has eight units, three of which were operating as of 2010: unit 3, unit 7, and unit 8. Unit 3 has a power of 235 MW (coal), unit 7 of 362 MW (coal), unit 8 of 35 MW biomass), and Odense CHP plant 24 MW. Unit 7 has a 235 metres (771 ft) tall chimney, which is the second-tallest in Denmark, unit 3 a 141 metres (463 ft) tall chimney.

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