Fyodor Bredikhin

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Fyodor Aleksandrovich Bredikhin.

Fyodor Aleksandrovich Bredikhin (Russian: Фёдор Александрович Бредихин, 8 December 1831 – 14 May 1904 (O.S.: 1 May)) was a Russian astronomer. His surname is sometimes given as Bredichin in the literature, and non-Russian sources sometimes render his first name as Theodor.


In 1857 he joined the staff of the observatory at Moscow University, becoming its director in 1873.[1] In 1890 he became director of Pulkovo Observatory (until 1894) and in the same year became a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

He studied the theory of comet tails, and also studied meteors and meteor showers.

The asteroid 786 Bredichina and the crater Bredikhin on the Moon are named after him.


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