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Original author(s)GREYC Lab Groupe de recherche en informatique, image, automatique et instrumentation de Caen
Developer(s)GREYC Lab
Initial releaseJuly 18, 2016; 2 years ago (2016-07-18)
Stable release
2.0.3 / June 26, 2017; 18 months ago (2017-06-26)
Preview release
Repository Edit this at Wikidata
Written inC++
Operating systemCross-platform
TypeImage manipulation

G'MIC is a free and open-source framework for image processing. It defines a script language that allows the creation of complex macros. Originally only usable through a command line interface, it is now currently mostly popular as a GIMP plugin,[1] and is also included in Krita. G'MIC is licensed under the CeCILL license.


Command line[edit]

G'MIC is primarily a script language callable from a shell. For example, to display an image:

gmic image.jpg

This command displays the image contained in the file image.jpg and allows zooming in to examine values.

Several filters can be applied in succession. For example, to crop and resize an image:

gmic image.jpg -crop 0,0,250,250 -resize 50%,50%

Gimp plugin[edit]

G'MIC is one of the most popular Gimp plugins.[2] It contains several hundreds of different filters offering a preview and setting parameters.

G'MIC Online[edit]

Most of the filters available for the Gimp plugin are also available online.[3]


ZArt is a graphical interface for real-time manipulation of webcam images.


Libgmic is a C++ library that can be linked to third-party applications.


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