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Gândul logo nou.png
Type Daily newspaper
Format Online newspaper
Owner(s) Publimedia
Editor Crucişătorul S.A.
Founded 2005
Language Romanian
City Bucharest
Country Romania
ISSN 1841-2726
Website www.gandul.info

Gândul (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈɡɨndul], "The Thought") is a Romanian daily newspaper published in Bucharest. It was founded in May 2005 by Mircea Dinescu, who used to write a daily editorial called "Vorba lu' Dinescu", and Cristian Tudor Popescu, who was also the editor-in-chief until January 2008. Its initial circulation was about 52,000. In 2006, Publimedia acquired Gândul and subsequently changed the format, nameplate and design.

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  • Hamangia culture, which produced The Thinker figurine similar to the one used in the newspaper's logo

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