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Gérald Neveu (August 10, 1921, Marseille - February 28, 1960, Paris) was a French poet. Called by some "one of the gentlest poètes maudits",[1] he was born to Louis Neveu and Marthe Bonnaud in Marseille. Having lost his family and job and having become an alcoholic, he lived as a hobo and dreamer [2][3] in Marseille sleeping in friends's studios, homeless shelters or psychiatric clinics (together with Artaud he went through electroshocks). Since 1947 he was a member of the French Communist Party. In 1950 he befriended Jean Malrieu with whom he created the magazine Action poétique [fr]. A few months before his death he came to Paris where he was found dead one day; the cause of his death remains unknown. His wallet contained only a piece of paper saying "without hair, without teeth, without money, without a woman, without an apartment etc." [4]

Selected bibliography[edit]

He worked with the famous review Les Cahiers du Sud and also with Action Poétique.

  • 1960: Les Sept commandements
  • 1967: Fournaise obscure
  • 1973: Une solitude essentielle
  • 1992: Poèmes 1945-1960
  • 1993: Comme les loups vont au désir : toujours pour toi, Éditions Comp'act, Seyssel

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