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Gérard Loiselle was a Canadian politician. He was an eight-term Member of the House of Commons and was a City Councillor in Montreal, Quebec.


He was born in Montreal on April 15, 1921.

Federal Politics[edit]

Loiselle successfully ran as an Independent Liberal candidate in the district of Sainte-Anne in 1957 defeating the official Liberal nominee. He was re-elected as a Liberal in 1958, 1962, 1963 and 1965. He ran in the district of Saint-Henri in 1968 and won. He was re-elected in 1972 and 1974. He did not run for re-election in 1979.

He was Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Manpower and Immigration from 1968 to 1960 and to the Minister of Transport from 1969 to 1970.[1][2]

City Councillor[edit]

He was elected to Montreal's City Council as an Independent candidate in 1950 in the district of Sainte-Anne. He was re-elected in 1954, 1957, 1960, 1962 and 1966. He did not run for re-election in 1970.


Loiselle died on December 22, 1994.

Electoral record (partial)[edit]

Canadian federal election, 1957
Party Candidate Votes
Independent Liberal LOISELLE, Gérard 7,771
Liberal HUSHION, William James 4,254
Progressive Conservative SULLIVAN, Gerald E. 2,807
Independent Liberal SOWERY, Cliff 902
Canadian federal election, 1958
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal LOISELLE, Gérard 8,289
Progressive Conservative SULLIVAN, Gerald 5,941
Independent COLLETTE, Albert 1,256
Co-operative Commonwealth KING, Paul Francis 394
Canadian federal election, 1962
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal LOISELLE, Gérard 7,737
Progressive Conservative SULLIVAN, Gerald 4,478
New Democratic MULCAHY, Bernard 627
Social Credit HAMLET, Thomas James 381
Canadian federal election, 1963
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal LOISELLE, Gérard 7,215
Social Credit COLLETTE, Albert 2,830
Progressive Conservative VANLOO, A. Peter 1,963
New Democratic MULCAHY, Bernard 753

Canadian federal election, 1965: Sainte-Anne
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Gérard Loiselle 6,150 59.60
     Progressive Conservative George Neill 2,283 22.12
Ralliement créditiste Eugène Caraghiaur 1,060 10.27
New Democratic Martin J. Ranalli 826 8.00
Total valid votes 10,319
Total rejected ballots 254
Turnout 10,573 64.02
Electors on the lists 16,515

Canadian federal election, 1968: Saint-Henri
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Gérard Loiselle 12,792 63.45
     Independent Pierre Sévigny 3,499 17.35
New Democratic Gérard Philipps 1,491 7.40
     Progressive Conservative Pierre Hogue 972 4.82
Ralliement créditiste Joseph Ranger 608 3.02
     Ind. (Independent Liberal) William Gaudreau 465 2.31
     Independent Lomer Pilote 335 1.66
Total valid votes 20,162
Total rejected ballots 704
Turnout 20,866 57.73
Electors on the lists 36,143


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Political offices
Preceded by
Thomas Patrick Healy (Liberal)
MP, District of Sainte-Anne
Succeeded by
The electoral district was abolished in 1966.
Preceded by
Hilarion-Pit Lessard (Liberal)
MP, District of Saint-Henri
Succeeded by
Jacques Guilbault (Liberal)