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Gérson da Silva, (Santos, September 23, 1965 – Guarujá, May 17, 1994) was a Brazilian footballer.


Gershon became evident at age 18, when he was top scorer in the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júnior 1984 by Santos. Having spent the Guarani de Campinas and Paulista Futebol Clube, became the idol of Atlético Mineiro and Sport Club Internacional, clubs whereby, within 4 years, was three times top scorer of the Copa do Brasil (1989 and 1991 by Atletico, 1992 by Inter), and remains the only player to have hit that mark. In 1991, he helped Atletico to build the biggest win of all time in the Brazil Cup: 11–0 in Caiçara Esporte Clube, Campo Maior, Piauí, at Independence Stadium in Belo Horizonte, having recorded five goals in this game. In International, where he was known affectionately as "Nego Gerson," made some beautiful goals and was instrumental in the successful campaigns of the Copa do Brasil of 1992 (when he scored 9 of the team's 18 goals) and Campeonato Gaúcho, won just 10 days after. At the time that the Colorado lifted the Brazilian Cup, the coach Antônio Lopes would have been alerted about the clinical state of their scorer. However, rather than remove him from the group, Lopes kept between holders. The coach confirmed that used the example of basketball player Magic Johnson, gold medal at the 1992 Summer Olympics months before, to motivate his shirt 9. He died in 1994, victim of toxoplasmosis, a few months after leaving to train for health problems. According to statements from the direction of the International, it was suspected that Gérson was diagnosed with HIV, the player and his family have always denied. Recently doctors declared that centroavante probably never would have received proper treatment at the time for lack of progress in the area, and was apparently upset with the psychological state, possibly due to personal problems or his health, since he never proved to be believer its recovery. For these reasons, the disease could have advanced more quickly.


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