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This article concerns the Swedish actor born 1939. For his grandfather with the same name (1890–1938), see Gösta Ekman (senior).
Gösta Ekman
Gösta Ekman d.y. 2010 9.jpg
Gösta Ekman at the Gothenburg Book Fair in 2010.
Born Hans Gösta Gustaf Ekman
(1939-07-28) 28 July 1939 (age 76)
Stockholm, Sweden
Occupation Actor, Comedian, Director, Writer
Spouse(s) Fatima Ekman (1963–1971)
Pia Ekman (1979–1986)
Marie-Louise Ekman (1989–)
From the left: Gösta Ekman, Ingmar Bergman, Victor Sjöström, and Lena Bergman during the filming of Smultronstället (1957)

Hans Gösta Gustaf Ekman (born 28 July 1939) is a Swedish actor, comedian, and director.


Gösta Ekman was born in Stockholm on 28 July 1939. He started his career in the theater but has also appeared in several Swedish films, including the Jönssonligan series. He is most famous for his comedic works, especially his collaboration with the comic duo Hasseåtage on stage and in films—where he often played the leading parts. His body of work, though, includes a number of genres, including a series of dramatic police films, in which he played the famous fictional Swedish policeman Martin Beck.

Ekman represents the third generation in a family of prominent Swedish actors. First in the line was his paternal grandfather, also named Gösta Ekman (senior), followed by his father Hasse Ekman, a successful film director and actor. Ekman's theatrical family also includes his brothers Stefan Ekman and Mikael Ekman, a stage director, and his niece, Sanna Ekman, an actress. He has been married since 1989 to artist and film director Marie-Louise Ekman, previously Marie-Louise De Geer Bergenstråhle, née Fuchs. Ekman sometimes appears in credits as Gösta Ekman, Jr. to avoid being confused with his famous grandfather.

While Ekman officially retired from stage and film work in 2003, he returned in 2005 to play leading parts in his wife's two films, Asta Nilssons sällskap and Pingvinresan. In 2007, he directed the play Gäckanden for the Swedish Royal Dramatic Theatre (Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern) in Stockholm.

Ekman won the Swedish film award Guldbagge Award in 1993 for his role as policeman Martin Beck in the Guldbagge-winning film Mannen på balkongen, based on the 1967 novel by Sjöwall and Wahlöö. Ekman also won the special Hedersguldbaggen (Honorable Guldbagge) award in 2008 for his service to the Swedish film and theater industry.

Notable quote[edit]

I was a celebrity even as a sperm.

—Gösta Ekman on being his father's son, as well as being named after his grandfather.

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