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Ostlänken towards Stockholm
Linköping C
New stretch presumably parallel with the Southern Main Line
Southern Main Line
Jönköping (new station)
Europabanan towards Malmö
Coast-to-Coast Route
Göteborg Landvetter Airport
West Coast Route
Existing track on the West Coast Route
Göteborg C

Götalandsbanan (the Gothia line) is a planned high-speed railway planned to be built between Södertälje and Gothenburg in Sweden, past Linköping and Jönköping. The planned length is about 440 km. The speed is planned to be 320 km/h.

It will, if built, be used for passenger trains going between Gothenburg-Stockholm, Gothenburg-Borås, Malmö-Linköping-Stockholm, Linköping-Stockholm and more connections. The travel time Gothenburg-Stockholm is expected to be 2:00 to 2:15 compared to 2:45 to 3:00 today. The travel time (Malmö-)Linköping-Stockholm would be cut by 40 min, Jönköping-Borås by 40 min and Gothenburg-Borås by 20 min. A more dense schedule is possible as well. It is also planned to have railway stations at the Göteborg Landvetter Airport and the Stockholm-Skavsta Airport. The disadvantage with the project is the big cost.

Current planning stage[edit]

The railway has a detailed plan between Gothenburg-Borås, and between Linköping-Södertälje (this part is called Ostlänken). Detailed planning is being done between Borås-Linköping. It was announced in August 2012 that the Swedish government had decided to proceed with Ostlänken. The announcement also contained details of the proposed double-tracking upgrade between Mölnlycke and Bollebygd as part of the programme, though the announcement didn't say what has happened to the original plan to build a station on the presumably-discontinued section of high-speed line between Mölnlycke and Bollebygd serving Göteborg Landvetter Airport (which is currently a few kilometres away from the existing railway line)[1].

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