Günter Dreyer

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Günter Dreyer
Born 1943
Residence Germany
Citizenship German
Fields Egyptologist
Institutions German Archaeological Institute
Free University Berlin
Berlin University
Alma mater Free University Berlin
Hamburg University
Known for Discovery of hieroglyphics dating to 33rd century BCE

Günter Dreyer (born 1943) is an Egyptologist at the German Archaeological Institute. In southern Egypt, Dreyer discovered records of linen and oil deliveries which have been carbon-dated to between 3300 BCE and 3200 BCE, predating the Dynastic Period.

He studied Egyptology Assyriology and ancient Near Eastern Archeology, the Hamburg university and the Free-university Berlin.[1]

In 1998 Dreyer found writing on small ivory labels, he concluded that these challenged the prevailing view that the first people to write were the Sumerians of Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq) sometime before 3000 BCE.[2]

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