Günter Müller

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Günter Müller
Born1954 (1954)
Known forComposer, Improviser, Visual artist

Günter Müller (born 20 October 1954) is a German sound artist who originally performed as a percussionist and drummer, active primarily in free improvisation. He was born in Munich, West Germany, but has lived in Switzerland since 1966.


Originally a drummer in various jazz enembles, Müller grew interested in free improvisation and began utilizing various extended techniques. He used contact microphones to amplify his drum set, and has incorporated various electronic effects, sometimes using an iPod or MiniDisc recorder to loop or otherwise process his performances. Increasingly since about 2000 Müller has emphasized electronics, sometimes entirely forgoing percussion. Critic Brian Olewnick describes him as "one of the most fascinating collaborators in contemporary improvised music [...] tending to create subtly modulated sounds of an almost palliative nature; often with an elastically liquid rhythmic sense."[1]

Müller was a founding member of the groups Nachtluft, poire z and Taste Tribes, and has collaborated with Gastr Del Sol, Christian Marclay, Keith Rowe, Voice Crack, Alfred Harth and others. He founded the record label for4ears.


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