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For the Günz glaciation period, see Gunz glaciation.
Meander of the Eastern Günz south of Ronsberg
Country Germany
Basin features
Main source Swabia
River mouth Danube
48°27′44″N 10°16′31″E / 48.46222°N 10.27528°E / 48.46222; 10.27528Coordinates: 48°27′44″N 10°16′31″E / 48.46222°N 10.27528°E / 48.46222; 10.27528
Physical characteristics
Length 90 km (56 mi)

The Günz is a river in Bavaria, Germany, right tributary of the Danube. It is formed near Lauben by the confluence of its two source rivers: the Östliche Günz (eastern Günz) and the Westliche Günz (western Günz). It is approx. 90 km long (including its eastern source river). It flows generally north through the small towns Babenhausen, Deisenhausen, Ichenhausen and Kötz. It flows into the Danube in Günzburg.