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This article is about the district in Northern Cyprus. For the district in Aksaray province, see Güzelyurt.
Location of Güzelyurt District within Northern Cyprus before the separation of Lefke District.

Güzelyurt District is a district of Northern Cyprus. It consists only of the Güzelyurt sub-district.[1] Its capital is Morphou, also known by its Turkish name, Güzelyurt. Its population was 30,590 in the 2011 census, but this included Lefka; with its current borders, its population was 18,946, constituting 6.6% of the population of Northern Cyprus.[2] Its Governor is Menteş Gündüz.[3]

Güzelyurt District was formed on 1 June 1998 via separation from Lefkoşa District.[4] Lefke (Lefka) had been its second sub-district until 27 December 2016, when it was separated by a unanimous decision in the Assembly of the Republic to become the Lefke District, the sixth district of Northern Cyprus.[5]


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Coordinates: 35°11′53″N 32°59′38″E / 35.1981°N 32.9939°E / 35.1981; 32.9939