Għar Dalam phase

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e  hMaltese prehistoric chronology
(Based on recalibrated radiocarbon dating)
Period Phase Dates BC c.
(5000-4100 BC)
Għar Dalam 5000-4500 BC
Grey Skorba 4500-4400 BC
Red Skorba 4400-4100 BC
Temple Period
(4100–2500 BC)
Żebbuġ 4100–3800 BC
Mġarr 3800-3600 BC
Ġgantija 3600-3000 BC
Saflieni 3300-3000 BC
Tarxien 3000-2500 BC
Bronze Age
(2500–700 BC)
Tarxien Cemetery 2500–1500 BC
Borġ in-Nadur 1500–700 BC
Baħrija 900–700 BC
Artifacts from Għar Dalam

The Għar Dalam phase, from approximately 5000 to 4100 BCE,[1] is the first of the eleven phases of Maltese prehistory. It is named for Għar Dalam, a cave in the Wied id-Dalam, near Birżebbuġa, in the south-east of the island. The first traces of human habitation on the island date to this phase.[2]

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