Għar Lapsi

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Għar Lapsi

Għar Lapsi (Siġġiewi, Malta) is a small rocky inlet 1 km south-west of the Blue Grotto. It lies below a stretch of Dingli Cliffs. It is a popular beauty spot, used mostly by locals, and a few fishermen. The rocky shoreline here is popular with divers. Rock climbing is also a common activity in the area. Local children take turns to dive into the deep water off the surrounding rocks. There are a few flat rocky ledges to perch a towel on, but no beach. Some of the caves double up as shade areas. The inlet is reached down a winding road from just outside Siġġiewi. There is a snack bar open during summer months in a boat house, and a larger bar-restaurant open all year. Unfortunately in the winter of 2012, the cliffs around Għar Lapsi collapsed. The clearance of the huge rocks is being carried out.

Għar Lapsi, in English means 'Ascension Cave'.

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Coordinates: 35°49′38″N 14°25′29″E / 35.8272°N 14.4246°E / 35.8272; 14.4246

Photo of Fishing Boats at Ghar Lapsi Photo Ghar Lapsi by night