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Station building (2008-08-06).

Gōkei Station (豪渓駅, Gōkei-eki) is a JR West Hakubi Line station. The station is named after the Gōkei area, a scenic valley about 8 km north of the station. Gōkei Station is located in Shisawa, Sōja, Okayama Prefecture, Japan.


  • 1925-02-17: Shisawa Station opens as part of the Hakubi South Line
  • 1935-05-16: Shisawa Station is renamed to Gōkei Station
  • 1987-04-01: Japanese National Railways is privatized, and Gōkei Station becomes a JR West station

Station building and platforms[edit]

Gōkei Station has two platforms capable of handling three lines simultaneously. The platforms are connected via a foot bridge overpass. The station features a unisex kumitorishiki benjo (basically an "indoor outhouse" attached to the building).

1 Hakubi Line to Bitchū-TakahashiNiimi
2 Hakubi Line to Niimi • Okayama
3 Hakubi Line to Kurashiki • Okayama


The area near Gōkei Station is fairly flat and open as most of the housing in the area is not located directly around the station. The Gōkei Police Station and Gōkei Post office are located near the station. The Takahashi River is located across Japan National Route 180, about 200m southeast of Gōkei Station.

Highway access[edit]

  • Japan National Route 180
  • Okayama Prefectural Route 57 (Sōja-Kayō Route)
  • Okayama Prefectural Route 278 (Shisawa-Mabi Route)

Connecting lines[edit]

JR West Hakubi Line
Sōja StationGōkei StationHiwa Station

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Coordinates: 34°42′23″N 133°43′21″E / 34.706517°N 133.722517°E / 34.706517; 133.722517