G'Quan-class heavy cruiser

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G'Quon class heavy cruiser
G'Quan class heavy cruiser.jpg
First appearance Revelations (Airdate)
Affiliation Narn Regime
General characteristics
Auxiliary craft Hangar Bay[1]
Armaments 2x Heavy X-Ray lasers[2]
2x Plasma cannons[2]
2x Energy mines launcher[2]
Propulsion 3 Versal Fusion Engines [2]

The G'Quan-class Heavy Cruiser is a fictional starship in the Babylon 5 universe.

The computer generated 3D model was designed and built by the Emmy Award-winning co-founder of Foundation Imaging, Paul Bryant. It first appeared in the season 2 episode, Revelations, and was created to replace the hurriedly designed first season Th’Nor cruiser, designed and built by Ron Thornton, but which he was never happy with.[3] Considered by the designers to be a vessel which more readily fitted the Narn design aesthetic, it was based on the same basic shape as Thornton’s Frazi heavy fighter. [4]


A G'Quan-class cruiser is an immense ship armed with two heavy hard-mounted forward-firing laser cannons, two energy mine launchers, and Pulse cannons. The G'Quan was designed to replace the older, more haphazardly designed T'Loth cruiser, which was last seen in 2258.

The G'Quan-class cruiser does not have artificial gravity. The cruiser's powerful forward laser cannons can slice an opposing vessel's hull into pieces, and are strong enough to damage even the ancient warships of the Shadows.[5] The energy mines used by the Narn explode close to enemy vessels and send out shock waves capable of damaging or destroying enemy ships.

The great majority of the G'Quan-class cruisers were destroyed during the Narn-Centauri War. The greatest losses came at the Battle of Gorash 7, which was an attempt by the Narn to destroy the main Centauri supply base on a planet called Gorash 7. A fleet of Shadow vessels intercepted the Narn armada and completely annihilated it.[5] However, a few Narn cruisers managed to survive the war, and they played a key role in the war against the Shadows.[5][6][7] After Narn was liberated from Centauri rule in 2261, the Narns quickly began to rebuild their fleet, and within a few years many new G'Quan-class cruisers had been placed into service.


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