G-Men '75

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G-Men '75
GenrePolice procedural
Crime drama
StarringTetsurō Tamba
Yosuke Natsuki
Gō Wakabayashi
Yū Fujiki
Maria Mori
Mari Natsuki
Hiroshi Miyauchi
Gō Ibuki
Takeshi Kaga
Bunjaku Han
Kyōko Enami
Daijiro Harada
Yûsuke Kawazu
Narrated byTakayuki Akutagawa
Theme music composerShunsuke Kikuchi
Country of originJapan
Original language(s)Japanese
No. of episodes354 + 1 special
Running time54 minutes
Production company(s)Toei
Original networkTBS
Original releaseMay 24, 1975 – April 3, 1982
Followed byG-Men '82

G-Men '75 (Gメン'75, G Men nanajūgo) was a long-running prime-time television detective series in Japan. It aired on Saturday nights in the 9:00–9:54 p.m. time slot on the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) network from May 24, 1975 to April 3, 1982. A sequel, G-Men '82, followed, as did the specials. With several updates and cast changes, it ran for 7 years.

The story revolved around a special detective agency, the eponymous G-Men. The principal character, who spanned the entire series (and continued into the sequel and specials), was Superintendent Tetsuya Kuroki, who was portrayed by Tetsurō Tamba. Kuroki directed the members of the group.

The original cast also included Yasuaki Kurata as Detective Yasuaki Kusano, trained in karate. Gō Wakabayashi joined in Episode 105, and remained to the end of the series (and the sequel). His character, Lieutenant Goro Tachibana, replaced a detective who was written out of the script.

Many more actors and actresses took regular roles in the series over the years. Gō Ibuki, Yū Fujiki as Detective Hachibei Yamada, Maria Mori as Detective Ryoko Hayami, Mari Natsuki, Hiroshi Miyauchi as Kazuhiko Shimaya, Yosuke Natsuki as Detective Noriyuki Odagiri, Takeshi Kaga, Bunjaku Han, and Kyōko Enami were among them.

Shunsuke Kikuchi wrote the opening theme songs. Various artists, including some cast members, wrote and performed the closing songs. For most years, the lyrics were by Junya Sato, set to Kikuchi's music. Veteran announcer Takayuki Akutagawa narrated the series.

Selected episodes are available on DVD.

Opening sequence[edit]

The opening sequence featured the main cast walking along a runway with a "75" placed at the bottom, with an arrow beside it, as their characters were viewed in separate close-ups (with the name of their actors accompanying). The placement of the arrow and the "75" logo were changed as the series progressed. It was intended to film the opening at Haneda Airport, but permission was not granted, so it was filmed instead at Yashio, a district of Tokyo's Shinagawa ward, and later openings at the JMSDF Tateyama Air Base.



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