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Industry Video game industry
Founded June 14, 2006 [1] (original G-Mode founded in June 2000)
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Key people
Keiji Araki (representative director)[2]
Number of employees
190 [2]
Parent Marvelous[3]
Website www.g-mode.jp
Promotion at the Tokyo Game Show 2008

G-mode Co., Ltd (株式会社ジー・モード, Kabushikigaisha Jī MōdoInstalling Japanese character sets) is a Japanese company that provides mobile network game contents that specialize in Java game software in Japan. It develops and distributes games for Java-compatible mobile phones. [4] The company also licenses contents for mobile telecommunications operators, as well as involves in the original equipment manufacturing of mobile phone games.[5]

G-Mode was founded in July 2000 and merged in March 2014 with ONE-UP Co., Ltd. (a corporation established in 2006) who then renamed itself G-Mode and dissolved the original company. [1] G-mode Co. is headquartered in Tokyo.[6]

G-mode saw a potential in mobile gaming and managed to obtain the rights to Tetris in Japan in 2001, and currently use this license to remain a major player in the mobile entertainment industry in Japan.[7] In 2004, G-mode acquired the back catalogue of Data East Corporation.[8] In 2005, GungHo Online Entertainment invested in the company.[9] They currently license out these Data East titles on the Wii Virtual Console, Gametap, and Mobile Platform. G-mode released an official Data East website in December 2007.[10] In 2010 is revealed that the company will publish several Data East titles on the Zeebo console in Brazil and Mexico.[11] On March 1, 2012, after several years of Wii Virtual Console support, G-Mode delisted all of its games from the service.

G-mode Co. Ltd. reported earnings results for the fiscal year 2006. For the fiscal year, the company reported consolidated net profit of $440,700 a $1.7 million consolidated recurring profit and a $31.1 million consolidated revenue. The number of subscribers to official websites for NTT DoCoMo handsets rose to 1.48 million at the end of October 2006, up 34% from the end of March 2006, which mainly contributed to the upward revision. The company revised its earnings guidance for the fiscal year 2007. For the period, the company revises consolidated net profit to $594,000 from a previous forecast of a $169,500 consolidated net loss. Consolidated recurring profit was revised up to $2.8 million from $1.7 million. The consolidated sales revenue was revised up as well to $41.1 million from $39.8 million.[6]

Acquired Data East license list[edit]

Note: This list only include video games mentioned on G-Mode's website in 2009 and does not necessarily represent the entire Data East library that was acquired by the company in 2004. [12]


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