G. S. Paramasivaiah

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GS Paramasivaiah
Nationality Indian
Fields Physics
Institutions Physics Department
Karnatak Science College
Karnatak University
Karnatak Lingayat Education Society

G.S. Paramasivaiah was a student of the Nobel-laureate Sir CV Raman was the first Principal of the Karnatak Science College, Dharwad. He was also the Secretary of KLE Society Belgaum. He played an important role in founding of Karnatak University.

In 1947, the Government of Bombay Province made attempts to establish a university in Bombay Karnataka. As per the resolution No.7914 of Education and Industries Department, the Government of Bombay, a committee was constituted on April 17, 1947 to make recommendations regarding form, scope, constitution and jurisdiction of a university for Karnataka (which meant Bombay Karnataka because Bombay Karnataka was a southern part of Bombay Province). The Lingayat Educationalists like Prof. G.S. Paramasivaiah along with Prof S.S. Basavanal and Dr. S.C Nandimath were associated with the committee. The Karnatak University came into existence in 1949.