G. B. Singh

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Colonel G. B. Singh
Colonel G.B. Singh.jpg
Col G. B. Singh
Born G.B.Singh
Occupation Historian, Biographer, columnist
Genre History, Political Science
Literary movement Realism
Notable works Gandhi Behind the Mask of Divinity, Gandhi Under Cross Examination

G.B. Singh is the author of Gandhi Behind the Mask of Divinity, a biography of Mahatma Gandhi[1][2] and Gandhi Under Cross Examination.[3]

A periodontist, Singh served in the US Army as a Colonel, one of a small number of Sikhs allowed to retain articles of faith, grandfathered in after a change in policy in 1984 forbidding soldiers from exhibiting their religion with "conspicuous" clothing or style of hair or beard. He is one of the only Sikhs with a turban in the US army. He has three daughters and a son. His family currently resides in Colorado. Although GB has retired from the US Army, he is still actively involved in supporting rights for future Sikhs to keep their article of faiths in the military.[4]

In an interview Singh said that he became interested in studying Hinduism while a student of political science at the University of Oklahoma.[5] In 1983, while watching the film Gandhi and after reading an article, The Gandhi Nobody Knows by Richard Grenier, he began his investigation into Gandhi's life, which led to the book Gandhi Behind the Mask of Divinity.[5]


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