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G. Scott MacLeod
Scott MacLeod IMG 1240.JPG
Born (1965-02-11) February 11, 1965 (age 52)
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Artist, musician, film director

G. Scott MacLeod (born February 11, 1965) is a Canadian multimedia artist, musician and film director living in Montreal, Quebec.


Multimedia artist G. Scott MacLeod was born in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, in 1965.[1] His family moved from Cape Breton N.S. to Montreal in 1969, where he was educated in both French and English. MacLeod received his Diploma of Collegial Studies in Fine Arts at John Abbott College in 1984, a BFA with a specialization in printmaking at Concordia University in 2003[2] and his Masters in Art Education at Concordia University in 2013.[3] He is a fellow at The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico and a co-founder of the NDG Arts Week.[4]

A critically acclaimed painter and photographer, MacLeod's work has reflected social, political and historical themes with an aim to promote education and accessibility to art and culture. His paintings and photographs are in many museums, as well as corporate and private collections.[5] His drawings of prominent buildings in Montreal's Griffintown district will be exhibited at the Centre d'Histoire de Montreal between September 2015 to August 2016.[6] MacLeod made his first film, After the War with Hannelore - A Berliner War Child’s Testimony from 1945 to 1989, in 2009.[7] The 22-minute documentary had several high-profile screenings, including at Les rendez-vous du cinéma québécois and Berlin’s Arnsenal 2 Institut für Film und Videokunst. He has since completed three films of The Water of Life animated film series, a four-part collaboration on Canadian history with celebrated Irish storyteller Mike Burns.[8] MacLeod is also a singer-songwriter and recording artist. Since 1990, he has released three full-length LPs, three EPs and several singles. He also composed and performed the nine-song soundtrack for his first film.

Bodies of work[edit]

Painting: Owe Canada Owe Canada (1992);[9] Black '47 Irish Famine (1993); Ancestral Homes (1999); Flying Hearts 1993 - 2000;[10] The Great Hunger 1995 - 1999;[11] Taos Memory Series 1996 - 2007;[12] Newfoundland and Avalon Peninsula Series 2005 - 2006;[13] Scottish Memory Series 2003 - 2005;[14] Ancestral Homes and Vinland Series 2000 - 2005;[15] Central Park and New York City 2003;[16] Lachine Canal Series 2003 - 2005;[17] Temples and Tombs 2005 - 2010;[18] New York City 2008;[19] Meeting with the Goddesses 2001 - 2014 [20]

Photography: Sacred Feminine and Masculine (2005);[21] After the war with Hannelore (2006); Goddess and Gods/Contemporary Archetypes (2008).[22] G. Scott MacLeod's photographic work is known for his technique of panographic portraiture. Goddess and Gods/Contemporary Archetypes (2008)[23]

Film and Video: After the war with Hannelore - A Berliner war child's testimony from 1945 to 1989 (2009)[24][25] The Saga of Murdo MacLeod and his first contact with the Abenaki (2012)[26] Dans l'Griff In Griffintown (2013)[27][28] The Abenaki People of the Dawn (2013)[29] The Irishman - Child of the Gael (2014)[30]

Music: A Brief Canadian History (2000)[31] The Closing of the 4th Cycle (2006)[32] After the war with Hannelore Soundtrack (2009)[33]


As a visual artist, Scott has had over 200 exhibitions and performances nationally and internationally.[34] His work is featured in museums, corporate and private collections. He has presented his work in Canada, Mexico, Germany, Ireland, Czech Republic, and the USA.[35][36] His work has been collected by The National Gallery of Canada, Musée de Québec, Museo Nacional de la Estampa, Guinness Corporation, Air Canada, The Royal Bank of Canada, Pratt and Whitney, Reader’s Digest, Claridge, Velan Valves Inc., Brasserie McAuslan Brewing, London Life, CP Hotels, Loto Québec, Jewitt Morrison & Associates, ALDO, Senvest Collection, Dr. Jane Goodall and TV personality Rick Mercer.[37]

Education and Affiliations[edit]

G. Scott MacLeod received his diploma of collegial studies in Fine Arts at John Abbott College in 1984, a BFA in specialization in printmaking at Concordia University in 2003 and a MA in Art Education at Concordia University in 2013.[38] He attended the Banff Centre for the Arts in 1987 and 1992.[39]

Scott is a Member of RAAV, Montreal Film Group, Main Film, La Raza Group,[40] and SAGAMIE. He is a fellow at The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico.[41]

Gallery representation[edit]


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