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G9, G.IX, G09 or G-9 has several uses including:

  • Group of Nine, a group of nine European states
  • G9 (consortium), a name for a group of nine Australian internet providers
  • G9 (album), the debut album of Gloc-9v
  • G9, a standard bipin lightbulb socket
  • G9 star, a subclass of G-class stars
  • Canon PowerShot G9, a digital camera
  • County Route G9 (California)
  • Gotha G.IX, a 1918 German bomber aircraft
  • HMS G9, a British G class submarine and one of eight British submarines lost to "friendly fire" in World War I
  • HMS Quilliam (G09), a 1941 British Royal Navy Q class destroyer
  • G9, in internet slang, means "Good night"
  • Group 9, defunct Nicaraguan political movement founded in 1976 comprising Belize, Cambodia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Upper Volta, Zaire and Zimbabwe (Rhodesia).

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