S32 Xuanhua–Datong Expressway

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Hebei Expwy S32 sign no name.svg

Xuanhua–Datong Expressway
Xuanda Expressway
Route information
Length: 126 km (78 mi)
Major junctions
East end: Xuanhua, China Expwy G6 sign with name.svg G6 Jingla Expressway
West end: Yangyuan, Shanxi Expwy S30 sign no name.svg S30 Sunyou Expressway
Counties: Xuanhua County, Yangyuan County
Highway system
Xuanda Expressway

The Xuanda Expressway (宣大高速公路, Hanyu Pinyin: Xuāndà Gāosù Gōnglù; Approximate Pronunciation: "Shuen-Da Expressway"), is an expressway in China which links Xuanhua in Hebei province with Datong in Shanxi province.

The Xuanda Expressway gets its name by the combination of two one-character Chinese abbreviations of both Xuanhua and Datong (Xuanhua—Xuan, Datong—Da).


Basic Route: Junction with China Expwy G6 sign with name.svg G7 Jingla Expressway at Xuanhua - Yangyuan at Shanxi Border where it becomes Shanxi Expwy S30 sign no name.svg S30 Sunyou Expressway

Status: The entire expressway is complete and open to traffic.

The eastern end of the expressway links with the Jingzhang Expressway to Beijing and Zhangjiakou near Xuanhua, while the western end continues as the Sunyou Expressway, which keeps going to Datong.

The expressway's route runs slightly southwest, passing through Yangyuan in Hebei before entering Shanxi, continuing west, and reaching Datong.


Little is known about the history of the Xuanda Expressway. However, it was opened in December 2002, as part of China's 9th Five-Year Plan's major construction works. The expressway is often used for coal transport.

Its total length is around 126 kilometres. It forms part of the Jingda Expressway, which is a unified term for the Xuanda Expressway and the Jingzhang Expressway.

Road Conditions[edit]

Speed Limit[edit]

Variable speed limits are generally 90 – 110 km/h. Speed checks are rare.


Entire stretch charges tolls. Toll system not networked. Central toll gate at jurisdictional change (Hebei/Shanxi province).


4 lanes (2 up, 2 down) throughout.

Surface Conditions[edit]

Relatively good.


Sparse to uncongested.

Major Exits[edit]

Xuanhua, Huashaoying, Yangyuan, Datong.

Service Areas[edit]

Xuanhua, Huashaoying, Yangyuan


Dayun Expressway: Becomes the Dayun Expressway at the Donghehe Exit..

Jingzhang Expressway: Becomes the Jingzhang Expressway after exit No. 1 heading for Beijing.

Detailed Itinerary[edit]

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