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The G15 is an organisation of the largest housing associations in and around Greater London in the United Kingdom,[1] which collectively are responsible for managing in the region of 600,000 homes in London.[2] They state their purpose as "to solve the housing crisis by delivering good quality, affordable homes of all types".[3]

Helen Evans, of Network Homes, is the chair of the organisation with Geeta Nanda OBE, of Metropolitan Thames Valley (MTVH), being vice chair.


The G15 originally had 15 members, but some of them have since merged.[4] One Housing Group joined in June 2018.[2] The current members are:[3]

Rank Name Date founded Significant mergers No. of dwellings Website
1st Clarion Housing Group 2016 Formed by merger of former G15 members Affinity Sutton and Circle in November 2016[5] 125,000 clarionhg.com
2nd L&Q 1963 Former G15 member East Thames merged into L&Q in December 2016[6] 95,000 lqgroup.org.uk
3rd Metropolitan Thames Valley 1963 Metropolitan Housing Trust merged with Thames Valley Homes 57,000 metropolitan.org.uk
4th Notting Hill Genesis 1963 Former G15 members Genesis and Notting Hill merged in 2018 55,000 nhggroup.org.uk
5th Peabody Trust 1862 Former G15 member Family Mosaic merged into Peabody in July 2017[7] 55,000 peabody.org.uk
6th Hyde Group 1967 50,000 hyde-housing.co.uk
7th Optivo 2017 Formed by merger of former G15 member Amicus Horizon with Viridian Housing[8] 44,000 optivo.org.uk
8th A2Dominion Group 37,000 a2dominion.co.uk
9th Southern Housing Group 1901 Founded as Samuel Lewis Housing Trust; merged with South Wight HA & others 50,000 shgroup.org.uk
10th Catalyst Housing 2002 Formed by the merger of Kensington HT (1926), Ealing Family HA (1963) and Northcote HA 21,000 chg.org.uk
11th Network Homes 20,000 networkhomes.org.uk
12th One Housing Group 1962 Formed by merger of Community Housing Association (1972) and Toynbee HA (1962) 16,000 onehousing.co.uk


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