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G5, G.V, G.5 or G-5 may refer to:

Businesses and companies[edit]

Electronics and software[edit]

  • Canon PowerShot G5, a digital camera
  • Dell G5 Series, a series of gaming laptops
  • G5 bipin, a lamp standard
  • LG G5, a smartphone developed by LG Electronics
  • Logitech G5, a gaming mouse with variable weight and sensitivity settings
  • Motorola G5 project, the failed Motorola PowerPC project to succeed its own PPC 74x
  • PowerPC G5, the PowerPC 970 microprocessor from IBM
    • iMac G5, an all-in-one desktop computer by Apple
    • Power Mac G5, Apple's marketing name for models of the Power Macintosh which contain the IBM PowerPC 970 CPU

Groups and organizations[edit]

  • G5, former name for G6 (EU), a group of the largest West European countries
  • G5 (universities), a grouping of five public research universities in England
  • G5 Sahel, an alliance of five countries in West Africa
  • Group of Five, five nations which have joined together for an active role in the rapidly evolving international order
  • Group of Five conferences, college football conferences in the United States


  • G-5-class motor torpedo boat, a World War II Soviet torpedo boat
  • G5 carbine, a Georgian assault rifle
  • G5 howitzer, a South African howitzer
  • G.V (pronounced "G5"), a German designation for several World War I heavy bombers:
    • AEG G.V, a biplane bomber aircraft of World War I, a further refinement of the AEG G.IV
    • Gotha G.V, a heavy bomber used by the Luftstreitkräfte (Imperial German Air Service) during World War I








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