G60 Shanghai–Kunming Expressway

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Shanghai–Kunming Expressway


Hukun Expressway
A rural section of the Shanghai–Kunming Expressway in Xinhuang Dong Autonomous County, in the province of Hunan
Route information
Part of
Length: 2,360 km[1] (1,470 mi)
Major junctions
East end: S20 Outer Ring Expressway, S4 Hujin Expressway and Humin Elevated Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
West end: 2nd Ring Road, Kunming, Yunnan
Highway system
G59 G65

The Shanghai–Kunming Expressway (Chinese: 上海—昆明高速公路), commonly referred to as the Hukun Expressway (Chinese: 沪昆高速公路) is an expressway that connects the cities of Shanghai, China, and Kunming, Yunnan. It is 2,360 km (1,470 mi) in length. The entire route forms part of Asian Highway 3.



The Shanghai portion of the Shanghai–Kunming Expressway was originally designated A8 by the municipal government and was also known as the Shanghai–Hangzhou Expressway. In Shanghai, the Shanghai–Kunming Expressway is a concurrency for its entire length with G92 Hangzhou Bay Ring Expressway.


The Zhejiang portion of the expressway runs from the Shanghai border to the Jiangxi border, passing through the cities of Hangzhou, Jinhua, and Quzhou.


The Jiangxi portion of the expressway passes through the cities of Shangrao, Nanchang, Yichun, and Pingxiang.


The Hunan section of the expressway passes through the cities of Zhuzhou, Shaoyang, and Huaihua.



In Yunnan Province, the expressway passes through the city of Qujing before terminating in Kunming.


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