G65 Baotou–Maoming Expressway

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China Expwy G65 sign with name.svg

Baotou–Maoming Expressway
Baomao Expressway
Route information
Length3,017 km[1] (1,875 mi)
Length when complete.
Major junctions
North endChina Expwy G6 sign with name.png G6 Beijing–Lhasa Expressway and S211 Baobai Highway, Baotou, Inner Mongolia
South endMaoming, Guangdong (when complete)
China Expwy G80 sign with name.png G80 Guangzhou–Kunming Expressway, Cenxi, Guangxi (current)
Highway system
National Trunk Highway System

The Baotou–Maoming Expressway (Chinese: 包头-茂名高速公路), commonly referred to as the Baomao Expressway (Chinese: 包茂高速公路) is an expressway that connects the cities of Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China, and Maoming, Guangdong. When fully complete, it will be 3,017 km (1,875 mi) in length.

Currently, many sections of the expressway are still under construction. The sections of the expressways that are complete are:[1]


The route passes through the following cities:

Baotou, Ordos, Yulin, Yan'an, Tongchuan, Xi'an, Ankang, Dazhou, Chongqing, Qianjiang, Jishou, Huaihua, Guilin, Wuzhou, Maoming

Due to the challenging terrain the expressway includes numerous tunnels and bridges including the Aizhai Bridge which spans over 1 km.


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