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G7 Teams
United Kingdom
Made in Brazil
SK Gaming
United States
Evil Geniuses
Website: g7teams.com

The G7 Teams or G7 Federation is an association of professional esports teams.[1][2] It was originally formed by seven teams: 4Kings, fnatic, Made in Brazil, mousesports, Ninjas in Pyjamas, SK Gaming and Team 3D.[3] Currently, the organization is made up of six members. The organization aims to promote the interest of the community and players to tournament organizers, sponsors, and other professional gaming institutions. The G7 teams have active presence in the advisory boards for both the World Series of Video Games and KODE5, and has relations with other tournament organizations, including the Cyberathlete Professional League, along with its players committee, and the Electronic Sports World Cup. The G7 teams also recognized in Zonerank as the official world esports rankings. In 2010, after a contract dispute between fnatic and SK Gaming, the organization dissolved.


Founding members[edit]

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G7 has met once, on January 19 to the 21st, 2007 in Cologne, Germany. They plan on meeting annually. Among the subjects discussed were the selection of official games and change of league regulations. At the event it was also announced that the group would expand further and take in their first Asian team, wNv. The goal was to further enhance the connection with Asian eSport clubs and push forward the influence of world e-Sport.[5]


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