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Original author(s) Andy Vaught
Initial release 2000; 17 years ago (2000)
Last release
0.93 / October 2012; 5 years ago (2012-10)
Repository g95.cvs.sourceforge.net
Development status Unmaintained
Written in C
Type Compiler
License GNU GPLv2
Website g95.org

G95 is a free, portable, open source Fortran 95 compiler. It implements the Fortran 95 standard, part of the Fortran 2003 standard, as well as some old and new extensions including features for the Fortran 2008 standard like coarray Fortran. When invoked with the -std=F source code is limited to the F programming language subset.

G95 was primarily developed by Andy Vaught but development appears to have stopped as there were few updates to the project's blog since the middle of August 2010, and Andy Vaught has now moved to competing compiler vendor PathScale. A stable version 0.93 was released in October 2012.[1] Gnu's GFortran, a part of GCC, has now bypassed G95 in terms of its Fortran 2008 implementation and in the speed of the generated code. G95 was far superior to the poorly maintained GNU G77[citation needed], the predecessor of GFortran.

In January 2003, GNU Fortran was forked from G95.[2]


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