G95 Capital Area Loop Expressway

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China Expwy G95 sign with name.svg

Capital Area Loop Expressway
Capital Loop Expressway
Route information
Length940 km[1] (584 mi)
Length when complete.
Major junctions
Orbital around Beijing
Highway system
National Trunk Highway System

The Capital Area Loop Expressway (simplified Chinese: 首都地区环线高速公路; traditional Chinese: 首都地區環線高速公路) is an orbital expressway encircling the city of Beijing. It is designated G95. The road was completed in December 2016.[2] Colloquially, the road is also referred to as Beijing's 7th ring road, though only 38 km (24 mi) of the expressway runs through Beijing,[2] compared to 38 km (24 mi) through Tianjin and 924 km (574 mi) through Hebei.


This expressway encircles the various counties and cities that surround the city centre of Beijing, including Zhangjiakou, Zhengzhou, Langfang, and Chengde in Hebei Province, and Daxing District, Tongzhou District and Pinggu District in Beijing. Clockwise from Juncheng (kilometre posts increasing), this is a partial exit list:


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