GAIC Harrier Hawk

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Harrier Hawk
Role UAV
National origin China
Manufacturer Guizhou Aircraft Industry Corporation
Status In service
Primary user China

Harrier Hawk (Yao-Ying or Yaoying, 鹞鹰) series UAVs are Chinese UAVs developed by Guizhou Aircraft Industry Corporation (GAIC), some of which have entered service with Chinese military.

Harrier Hawk I[edit]

Harrier Hawk I is based on Guizhou Central, another UAV designed by GAIC. Harrier Hawk I and Guizhou Central UAVs both share the identical conventional layout with low wing configuration, as well as the retractable tricycle land gear system. However, the fuselage of Harrier Hawk I is different than that of Guizhou Central in that instead of having an extremely smooth shuttle shaped fuselage of Guizhou Central, the fuselage of Harrier Hawk I is shaped in the form of turtle deck cokpit. Another distinction between Guizhou Central and Harrier Hawk I is that the winglets of Harrier Hawk I is much larger than that of Guizhou Central. Maiden flight of Harrier Hawk I was completed on March, 31, 2013.[1]

Harrier Hawk II Air Sniper[edit]

Harrier Hawk II Air Sniper UAV is the second member of the Harrier Hawk series UAV developed by GAIC. Externally, Harrier Hawk II Air Sniper visually resembles another Chinese UAV, SAC HFT-200A Thunderbird. Harrier Hawk II Air Sniper is powered by a three-blade propeller driven by a pusher engine installed at the rear end of the empennage and has tricycle landing gear system.[2] Harrier Hawk II Air Sniper has been deployed by Chinese military to carry a small synthetic aperture radar (SAR) for radar imaging mission, and this small SAR is housed in a payload pad under the fuselage.[3] The small SAR carried by Harrier Hawk II Air Sniper is a compact SAR system with planar slotted array antenna.[4]

Harrier Hawk III[edit]

Harrier Hawk III is the third member of Harrier Hawk series UAV in a flying-wing / blended wing body layout. Propulsion is provided by a pair of three-blade propellers driven by a pusher engine mounted at the rear end of the flying wing.[5] Harrier Hawk III has retractable tricycle landing gear system and winglets. Harrier Hawk III made its public debut at the 9th Zhuhai Airshow in 2012.[6]

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