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GBAtemp is an international video gaming community centered on a discussion forum focusing on mainly on ROM Hacking.

History of GBAtemp[edit]

GBAtemp was founded in 2002 by KiVaN, originally hosting and sharing ROM dumps of Game Boy Advance games for short periods of time.[1] The website has since grown into an active community with over 200,000 registered users,[2] serving as both a discussion forum and as a source of community-generated news. GBAtemp is currently known for its strong focus on Wii and Nintendo DS hacking and homebrew, and has a significant presence in the homebrew community for discussion and support. The site also has other sections, including off-topic forums and sections that focus on other consoles, computer hardware, and popular culture. GBAtemp also keeps a list of hardware related to its activities, and occasionally posts official reviews of popular hardware.

Though GBAtemp no longer hosts scene releases, the website keeps a regularly updated database of scene releases for the Wii, Nintendo DS, and Game Boy Advance. This has led to criticism of the website and its members by some homebrew groups. However, the website prohibits all links to unauthorized copyrighted material.[3]

On October 21, 2012, GBAtemp was taken down by an unidentified hacker.[4]

On October 29, 2012, GBAtemp was brought back, now powered by XenForo.


GBAtemp is currently led by two administrators, nicknamed Costello and shaunj66, and supported by a number of moderators, global moderators, supervisors, IRC staff, and news staff. As of April 1, 2011, Ace Gunman has retired from his position as one of the Administrators.

Site Features[edit]

Other features of the GBAtemp network include a wiki with articles on homebrew, a download center with homebrew, a shopping information site, a podcast, and an IRC server. The download center and shopping information site are hosted on different websites and are called FileTrip and ShopTemp, respectively.

Shoptemp V1 had been closed due to a conflict with the law, and has since been reopened as a shopping information sites to flashcarts and other accessories from other shops.[5][6]

The most recent addition to the GBAtemp network is Ask GBAtemp, a site with a similar purpose to other help sites, like Yahoo! Answers, etc. Users can post questions and answers that require no further discussion; questions that may lead to discussion (such as: "Which of these is the best game?") should still be posted on the forums. The Ask GBAtemp service was created in the hope that the forums would become less cluttered with people asking these same questions over and over again.

The Ask GBAtemp service is also based around the fact that users can submit questions and other members can answer them, eventually becoming a well maintained "FAQ"


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