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The Greater Boston Track Club (usually abbreviated GBTC), a nonprofit organization, was founded in 1973 in Boston, Massachusetts to provide coaching for runners looking to remain competitive beyond their collegiate running careers.

During the past 30 years, the club has provided coaching and support to Olympic qualifiers, Boston Marathon victors, national cross-country champions, and national and world championship participants. It has also offered runners of all ages and abilities the opportunity to achieve their personal and team goals.

GBTC's current main sponsor is Saucony.

Mission statement[edit]

The Greater Boston Track Club provides a friendly, competitive, team-oriented environment to those who compete at the national, regional, and local levels. Financial support may be provided to teams and individuals to compete at major events. The club promotes events in track and field both indoors and outdoors, road racing, and cross-country. A structured training program is provided in the form of team practices under the guidance of experienced coaches. GBTC has three year-round coaches for various disciplines.


  • GBTC Indoor Track and Field Invitational - Annually held in January at Harvard Indoor Track, Cambridge, MA
  • GBTC Cross-country Invitational - Annually held in September at Elm Bank Park, Wellesley, MA

Notable alumni[edit]

List of notable Greater Boston Track Club athletes and coaches

  • Ayanna Alexander
  • Tim Bayley - World Championships qualifier
  • Bruce Bickford - Olympian, Ranked #1 in the world at the 10,000m
  • Tom Derderian - Long time coach, USATF NE President, 2-time Olympic Trials qualifier, author of two books on the marathon
  • Stanley Egbor - 6-time All-American sprinter
  • Jack Fultz - 3-time top 10 finisher at the Boston Marathon, 2:11 PR in the marathon
  • Bob Hodge - Top 5 finish at the Boston Marathon
  • Samyr Laine
  • Jack MacDonald - Founder of GBTC, Athletic Director at Quinnipiac
  • Dick Mahoney - Top 10 Boston Marathon finish
  • Glen Mays - Winner of the Cape Cod Marathon
  • Greg Meyer
  • Pete Pfitzinger - 2-time Olympian in the marathon
  • Anna Pierce - 2-time Olympian, World Championships qualifier
  • Bill Rodgers
  • Ruben Sanca - 2-time NCAA All-American, World Championships qualifier, Olympian
  • Alberto Salazar - 3-time New York City Marathon Champion, Boston Marathon Champion
  • Bob Sevene - GBTC Coach and coach of many famous athletes including Joan Benoit, Cathy O'Brien, Mark Coogan
  • Sloan Siegrist - Olympian
  • Bill Squires - 3-time All-American miler, coach of many top 10 finishes in the Boston Marathon
  • Randy Thomas - Top 5 finish at the Boston Marathon, 2:11 PR in the marathon
  • Sherita Williams - Olympic Trials in the triple jump
  • Daniel Hutcherson - Olympic Trials Qualifier in the triple jump

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